How HashEx is developing new auditing methods to outsmart hackers, as told by founder Dmitry Mishunin By Cointelegraph

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As the cryptocurrency market has grown, so too have the number of bad actors looking to exploit vulnerable decentralized finance, or DeFi, protocols, and projects for their own gain. Earlier this month, the Ethereum-Solana Wormhole token bridge suffered the biggest hack of 2022, with $321 million lost due to a signature verification vulnerability. Such exploits have become increasingly sophisticated over the years.

But blockchain security firms like HashEx are keeping up the pace just as hackers upgrade their tactics. During the past few years, HashEx has audited more than 700 DeFi smart contracts that secure over $2 billion worth of investors’ funds. One notable project that utilizes HashEx is Trader Joe, a popular decentralized exchange on the (AVAX) blockchain. In an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph, Dmitry Mishunin, CEO and founder of HashEx, explains just how the firm is upgrading its auditing process to protect crypto enthusiasts against possible breaches.