The uncertainty principle and a big swift kick in the pants

MishTalk/Mish Shedlock/2-11-2022

graphic image Don't Look Up logo from the Netflix film

“The government/quasi-government body most responsible for creating this mess (the Fed), will attempt a big power grab, purportedly to fix whatever problems it creates. The bigger the mess it creates, the more power it will attempt to grab. Over time this leads to dangerously concentrated power into the hands of those who have already proven they do not know what they are doing.”

USAGOLD note: In reading Shedlock’s interpretation of the Fed’s impact on markets, particularly the snippet posted above, the profound message from the Netflix film, “Don’t Look Up,” comes to mind. Too many mistakenly believe that the authorities know what they are doing, and somehow they will pull us out of the current political, social, and economic spiral. Yet, despite the impressive capabilities of modern science, the prolific data and information at our disposal, and the reams of history that serve as warning, reality does not become REALITY until it hits us squarely between the eyes. “Don’t expect the Fed to learn from past mistakes,” writes Shedlock. “Instead, expect the Fed to repeat them with bigger and bigger doses of exactly what created the initial problem.”


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