Crypto education can bring financial empowerment to Latin Americans By Cointelegraph

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In October 2021, it was estimated that approximately 15% of the world’s supply of (BTC) was in circulation in Latin America. According to a recent report released by Crypto Literacy, however, 99% of Brazilian and Mexican respondents failed a basic assessment on crypto literacy. Crypto adoption is well underway across the region — on the rise even — but, people still lack a basic understanding of its underlying technology and use cases.

When this lack of basic crypto literacy is considered in the context of developing markets across Latin America, where the use cases for blockchain technologies hold real significance, it becomes a serious concern.

Financial literacy



Abraham Cobos Ramírez is the crypto strategy manager at Bitso, the cryptocurrency platform operating in Latin America, with more than four million users. Abraham is a blockchain and business specialist with deep experience in the creation, development and implementation of technology solutions. Prior to Bitso, Abraham was part of the integration consulting team where he designed and implemented solutions to complex problems for projects in Mexico, the U.S., Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia.