The great unrest: How 2020 changed the economy in ways we can’t understand yet

CNBC/Matt Rosoff/8-4-2022

Antique image of Alfred E Neumann asking 'Me Worry?"

“This is truly one of the most complex environments we’ve ever seen in our industry to operate in. Because we’re not just dealing with economic issues like inflation and lapping stimulus and things like that. But also the social issues of people returning to mobility after lockdown, working from home and just the change in consumer patterns.” – David Gibbs, CEO, Yum Brands (Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut)

USAGOLD note: Rosoff asks “How will we will look back at the 2020s?” He then offers considerable food for thought on what the future might hold – much of it a continuation of societal trends already in place. He calls the new era the “great unrest.”


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