How to Find a Brilliant Business Idea From Scratch

The Zig/Zag technique empowers you to create a unique and profitable business that sets you apart from the rest. By zigging while others zag, you offer something distinct and valuable to your audience. Check out my in-depth guide on using the Zig/Zag technique to nail down the right online business idea for you!

Recognize the Business Idea That’s Right in Front of You

At the start of this guide, I assured you that there can be business ideas right in front of you. The real challenge, however, is having the insight to recognize them. 

In this section, let’s walk through five strategies to uncover these opportunities and help you discover the hidden gems that could be the foundation of your successful business venture. 

  1. Pay attention to what people ask for your help with: These moments can indicate a potential business idea. For example, if people always turn to you for dating advice, consider starting a relationship coaching service.
  2. Do people tell you that you should blog, vlog, or coach others in a specific area? It’s a sign that you have valuable insights to offer. Consider starting a platform to share your expertise.
  3. Identify problems others struggle with: Reflect on the challenges faced by people close to you. These observations can reveal opportunities for business ideas. For instance, if you’ve seen loved ones struggle with anxiety in the workplace, you might consider starting a stress management consulting service.
  4. Leverage your own learning experiences: Your journey of learning and mastery can equip you with unique insights. Consider turning your knowledge into a business. For example, if you’ve navigated the challenges of maintaining a healthy diet on a budget, you could create a meal planning service.
  5. Identify how you naturally spend your time: Pay attention to activities you engage in consistently. These can provide clues about potential business ideas aligned with your interests. For example, if you enjoy organizing board game nights, you might consider starting a board game cafe or an event planning service for game nights.

By implementing these strategies and considering the patterns in your life, you can unlock a wealth of potential business ideas that have been lying in wait. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out these successful entrepreneurs who started their businesses using the strategies I mentioned above.

Keep This in Mind..

As you’re finding your perfect business idea, remember that success often comes from meticulous testing, hard work, and perseverance – just like how it took one of my IWT contributors 6 months to find her business idea

She went through not one, not two, but FOUR failed attempts before finding the one business idea that perfectly aligned with her passions, her skills, and the value she wanted to deliver to her clients. So, give yourself permission to explore, experiment, and immerse yourself in the journey without hurrying. 

Recognize that the process of going from “I have no business ideas” to “I have the PERFECT idea” might not be straightforward, and that’s okay. The failed ideas will lead you closer to the one that clicks. 

Embrace each attempt, as they provide valuable lessons and help you refine your focus. Remember, the time spent upfront on research and planning can virtually guarantee long-term success. When you discover the perfect fit, all the effort and hard work will be worth it.

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