Who really created the Coinbase Superbowl ads? Armstrong called out on Twitter By Cointelegraph

The Coinbase (NASDAQ:) ad, which aired during the Superbowl last week, appears to be causing quite a stir on social media in light of new information on its origins. When scanned, the 60-second tv spot featured a color-changing, bouncing QR code that brought users to a promotional BTC giveaway page — seemingly based on the oft-meme’d DVD screensavers of yore.

Yesterday, in a long Twitter (NYSE:) thread, Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, praised his company’s internal team for their work on the ad, saying that: “one of the original ideas [for the ad] we had included putting a QR code at the end. They finally agreed, and it turned out great — our team did an amazing job pulling this off last minute.”