‘How I met Satoshi’: The mission to teach 100M people about Bitcoin by 2030 By Cointelegraph

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Dušan Matuska is, among many other things, a educator and consultant. The Slovak’s dream is to educate 100 million people about Bitcoin (BTC) by 2030 through talks, podcasts, webinars, workshops and even a Bitcoin education center in a far-flung destination (plans are currently under wraps).

Alongside his Bitcoin teaching aspirations, he helps out at a small-scale Bitcoin mining facility in Slovakia, co-founded a crypto cafe known as Paralelni Polis in the capital city of Bratislava, and has translated well-known Bitcoin books into his native tongue, Slovak.

Matuska in his trademark Bitcoin sweater. Source: Dušan Matuska
The Paralena Polis, or “crypto cafe,” coffee shop and meeting space. Matuska is on the right, crouching with glasses. Source: Dušan Matuska
Elderly women learning about Bitcoin at a bazaar run by the crypto cafe in Slovakia. Source: Dušan Matuska
Slovakian schoolchildren reading “Bitcoin Money.” Source: Dušan Matuska