Everything that could go wrong in markets as free-money era ends

Bloomberg/Jack Pitcher, Alexandra Harris, and Alex McIntyre/5-9-2022

artistic ink rendering of black swan

“The world’s most powerful central bank is about to find out how far it can squeeze financial markets before something breaks. Struggling to tamp down the most pervasive inflation in decades, the Federal Reserve delivered its biggest interest-rate increase since 2000 last week while outlining a plan to begin unwinding trillions of dollars in asset purchases that have kept world markets brimming with cash since the 2020 crash. Its peers will soon follow suit.”

USAGOLD note: Bloomberg polls traders, analysts, and money managers to come up with four sources of potential problems “keeping Wall Street worry warts on edge.” It warns that investors are in for a bumpy ride. We would add that any of the four problem areas covered could suddenly spin out of control inviting a black swan event.


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